Slide Slide A TRUE ELVIS PHOTO TAKEN ON LOCATION DURING THE FILMING OF Stay Away, Joe Circa 1968 Why Elvis's authentic photographs are such a problem for some, is truly a mystery. Every time a fake photo gets debunked, a new fake photograph is discovered online. The following pages show you just a few, but more will continue to be added. ENTER TO SEE MORE BACK TO THE HOME PAGE CLICK HERE TO WATCH MOVIE As we see here, ELVIS's head has been placed on the body of Enrique Iglesias HEAD SWITCH PREVIOUS FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) MOUNSTROUS HEAD SWITCH Just when you thought you couldn't be more frightened by a fake Elvis photograph, another pops up. This one is really bad. Someone decided to dream up an age transformation on Elvis, but to keep history accurate it is necessary to show Elvis's new fans and some of his old fans the original photograph from 1969. PREVIOUS SLIDE FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) CLICK HERE FOR ELVIS LIVE DINNER SHOW ON AUGUST 3, 1969 THE ORIGINAL IS SO MUCH BETTER. WHY ANYONE WOULD CHANGE IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. COCA COLA AD ELVIS WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN CAUGHT DEAD IN THAT CORNY SHIRT THERE ARE SO MANY SPLENDID "REAL" PHOTOGRAPHS OF ELVIS AND PRISCILLA; THERE IS NO NEED TO CREATE NEW ONES. PLUS, IF THE CREATOR OF THIS FAKE PHOTOGRAPH HAD AN INKLING ABOUT ELVIS, THEY WOULD HAVE KNOWN HIS STYLE OF DRESS WAS CULTURALLY BLACK. THIS SHIRT IS NOT PART OF THAT CULTURE. FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS PAUL NEWMAN Photo taken on location during the filming of the 1958 Western "THE LEFT HANDED GUN" CLICK HERE TO WATCH MOVIE A 1956 shot of Elvis's head was placed on Paul Newman's body. FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS PREVIOUS CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL PHOTO MARLON BRANDO ANOTHER HEAD SWITCH A lot of the photos are blurred just enough to keep you from detecting that they are fake. For example like the one you see here, where Elvis's head was placed on . . . PREVIOUS FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) MARLON BRANDO ORIGINAL Marlon Brando's older body in 1953; the year Elvis graduated from high school. Another photo where Elvis's head was placed on Marlon Brando's body. The person who altered this photograph should have researched how Elvis was not a cat person. HEAD SWITCH NOT EXACTLY A CAT PERSON CLICK HERE TO SEE ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPH PREVIOUS Here at home, Marlon Brando relaxes with his cat. ORIGINAL PHOTO BRANDO LOVED CATS FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS An Elvis head shot has been strategically placed on Marlon Brando's body. The original photograph on the right is of Marlon Brando in 1955 at an Awards Ceremony with Katy Jurado. In 1955, Elvis was just starting out touring with the Blue Moon Boys. Therefore the headshot of Elvis is much older than a twenty-year old Elvis in 1955. ELVIS SUAVE BRANDO SUAVE FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS AWFUL HEAD SWITCH BRANDO AGAIN! FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS BRANDO AGAIN! HEAD SWITCH FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS I don't know what the infatuation is with switching heads with Marlon Brando, but here is another one. This one isn't very good either; photograph with Elvis's head is awfully bitmapped and blurry. A Love For Horses FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS Both Dean and Elvis had a love for horses, but this love goes to Dean Martin. Shown here with his horse, TOPS. Martin on location during the filming of 5 Card Stud_ CLICK HERE TO RENT "5 CARD STUD." = + Elvis covered "MY WAY" and made it his own even though it had been popularized by Frank Sinatra. Maybe that's what gave someone the stupid idea to take Elvis's photograph as a youth and stick it under Sinatra's hat. FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS FRANK SINATRA TWO WAYS DONE "MY WAY" MY WAY by Frank Sinatra - Video "MY WAY" by Elvis Presley - Video ELVIS NEVER PLAYED A VAMPIRE CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL VAMPIRE PREVIOUS Elvis played a lot of different characters, but he never played a vampire. ORIGINAL Ian Somerhalder played Damon Salvatore on . . . . . . "THE VAMPIRE DIARIES" CLICK HERE TO WATCH VAMPIRE DIARIES FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS Slide DEBRA PAGET MARILYN MONROE DID NOT PLAY THE ROLE OF CATHY RENO IN "LOVE ME TENDER" CLICK TO WATCH "LOVE ME TENDER" PREVIOUS This is another strange head switch. As you can see, Marilyn Monroe's head is awkwardly placed over Debra Paget's head. An easy detection that this was fake is because Marilyn's head is way too big and the shadows are all wrong. FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) READ ABOUT "LOVE ME TENDER" DOLORES HART MARILYN MONROE DID NOT PLAY THE ROLE OF SUSAN JESSUP IN "LOVING YOU" PREVIOUS Both Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley are American icons. However, there is no record of them actually meeting one another. FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) "LOVING YOU" This photograph of Elvis was taken from a scene with Dolores Hart in the 1957 movie: Thursday, January 14, 1954, Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio were married at City Hall in San Francisco. FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS Nice Try! Marily Monroe's head has been placed over Mary Ann Mobley's head. The scene is from the 1965 movie "GIRL HAPPY!" Girl Happy CLICK HERE TO RENT "GIRL HAPPY!" FAKE Slide JAILHOUSE ROCK FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS The photograph on the far right is a poorly merged photograph. Someone seems to not have been too skilled in Photoshop. Marilyn Monroe's 1951 publicity photograph is from the movie "LOVE NEST" with Jack Paar. The Elvis head shot is from the 1957 movie "JAILHOUSE ROCK" with Jennifer Holden who played the role of Sherry Wilson. Cick on movie names above to rent movies. LOVE NEST NEW YORK FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS DEAN LOS ANGELES with a little bit of to Even though James Dean died in 1955, he was not in the photograph with Marilyn. On Saturday, August 18, 1956, Elvis was photographed by Ed Braslaff at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood California. From this original photograph came two fakes. Colorized and placed on top of this Jaguar XK120. Original photograph of Marilyn Monroe in New York at her residence at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in 1955. Elvis was placed in a photograph with Marilyn Monroe's in New York. Slide MILTON BERLE SHOW FAMOUS HOUND DOG PERFORMANCE This is pretty clever. This woman's photo was strategically placed over Milton Berle in the picture. They also shifted the direction of Elvis's arm. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE "HOUND DOG" PERFORMANCE FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS (CONTINUES) PREVIOUS On June 5, 1956, Elvis rocked the famous "HOUND DOG" performance. Critics were outraged, but the countrys' teenagers loved it. Slide
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